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The Copyright on all photographs and films indicated as such, rests with Richard Manning and is

Administered by my Limited Company - RMAS. Photographs can be used on licence, either individually

Or as sets for features. Editorial is available on request, but please contact me directly about films.


My By-line must always be used: Photo by Richard Manning.


An Archive of my Travel Photographs and Reportage is on licence to Getty Images, Hulton Archive

For Marketing and Distribution. Usage of any of these photographs needs to be negotiated directly

With Getty Images (Global). They can be purchased by download from the Getty Images website:

Richard Manning Images - Hulton Archive


Copyright is an important issue with respect to a photograph, film or any other work of art. In Copyright Law

It rests with the originator of the work, unless it has been signed away… I have not signed away the Copyright

On any of my Photographs to Getty, they are all for sale “on licence”. So for usage of any of my Photographs

not available from them directly please contact me, I will be only too happy to help: E-mail:


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